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Difference between Juicing and Blending

Difference between Juicing and BlendingJuices and smoothies are both a number one priority when it comes to leading a healthy life or looking for weight loss solutions. They give you all the essential nutrients packed in one glass while cutting down on your calorie intake. Replace at least one of your meals with a big glass of refreshing juice or smoothie and see how you start losing your excess fat in no time! However, there is a lot of confusion regarding the difference between juicing and blending. Although both the methods produce the most delicious and nutritious drinks there are some glaring differences in the technique used and in the texture, taste and constituents of the drink itself. Here we have put together some of the important differences between the two techniques of processing fruits and vegetables along with the benefits they provide you with:

1.     The Technique:

The foremost difference between the two processes is the basic mechanism involved. The juicer separates the insoluble fiber or the pulp from fruit and squeezes out its juice for your consumption. In your juice drink, you consume all the liquid part of the fruit or vegetable leaving behind the pulp. The blender, on the other hand, grinds all of the fruit or vegetable into a thick mixture which includes both, the juice and the pulp. In a blended drink you get the entire fruit and vegetable. People who keep a check on their blood sugar level prefer blending over juicing because the fibers in the blended drinks ensure a gradual absorption of sugar into your bloodstream.

2.     Which Is More Filling?

Juicing and BlendingSmoothies are thicker firstly because of the fiber and secondly because of the base you add to it. Milk or yogurt makes a preferred base for the smoothie. The base and the fibers make smoothie a more wholesome drink than a glass of juice which makes it a preferred choice if you want to consume it as a replacement to one of your meals. Smoothies will keep you fuller for longer. Most people prefer having smoothies for breakfast.

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3.     Versatility:

Blending adds more versatility to your drinks. You will find limited options of drinks with a juicer as there are many ingredients which pass through the blades of the juicer without getting juiced. Before choosing your ingredients, you first have to decide whether they can get juiced or not. With blender, you are not limited by your choice of ingredients. You can add any ingredient you like to your drink or a combination of multiple ingredients. You can add medicinal herbs or vegetables that will fail to come out in your glass when passed through a juicer.

Here’s The Good News:

Whether you are a fan of juicing or blending, you have adopted a healthy habit and taken a big step towards leading a healthy lifestyle. With juices and smoothies in your diet, you will be consuming adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables and receiving your share of the essential vitamins and minerals to maintain a good health.